LightLight, detailCloudCloud, detailSilence II – The In-Betweens seriesSilence II, detailSilence I – The In-Betweens seriesSilence I, detailThe In-Betweens multimedia projectMom In Transition - IIIMom In Transition - III, detailMom In Transition - IIBreath - IBreath - I, detailBreath - IIBreath - II, detailTaking InI Am Not Here - II Am Not Here - IIEmpire IEmpire IIEmpire IIIIIIIIIIVVPassage IPassage IIPassage IIIPassage IVPassage VTo Dirtify ITo Dirtify IITo Dirtify IIITo Dirtify IVA Man In DoubtA Man In DoubtMom In Transition - IDad In TransitionSeungheeWatching Them ComeWatching Them Come Innocent X - IInnocent X - IIInnocent X - IIIInnocent X - IVChurch and State - I and II (diptych)The KingThe Blind
My work is an allegorical representation of our individual and human states. The image functions as a subtle but charged signifier that creates a delicate net of meaning. The outer representation becomes emblematic of the inner, whether it reveals my subject’s inner state or my subject acts as a personification of an idea. I often think what I try to do in my work is to present and illuminate things that are perhaps unrepresentable.